What is responsible gambling for New Zealand players?

There are guidelines for both players and casinos regarding responsible gambling. A fundamental principle of responsible gambling is that people should view this activity as a source of entertainment rather than a means of generating income. Responsible gamblers enjoy the game or sport while ensuring that their actions do not have a detrimental effect on their emotional or financial well-being. On the contrary, people with gambling addiction can’t control their gambling behaviour.

Gambling Addiction: Common Signs and Symptoms

Below are the most common signs of gambling addiction.

  1. A person constantly thinks about the game, plans the next one or searches where to get money for it.
  2. In case of any mental discomfort (anxiety, melancholy, guilt, feeling of helplessness) a person gets a strong desire to gamble immediately.
  3. It is common for gambling addicts to try to borrow from people they have known for only a short time, especially if borrowing from friends is no longer possible.
  4. The gambling addict lies about the amount of money he spends in the casino. Over time, lying turns into a part of his personality – and the player begins to deceive loved ones in all sorts of situations.
  5. The gambling addict does not pay attention to the world around him, and if you try to distract him from the game, he becomes aggressive and rude. At home, an attentive, kind and calm person suddenly becomes angry, indifferent, and sarcastic.
  6.  Loss of interest in other hobbies, work, and family. For gambling addicts playing games or betting becomes the only reason for existence.
  7. Repeated unsuccessful attempts to give up gambling or at least play it less often.

Gambling addiction can be episodic or permanent. In the first case, the symptoms of the disorder described above may disappear for a long time, in the second they are observed constantly. 

Tips for responsible gambling from NZ First Casinos

Responsibility of online casinos

Top Kiwi online casinos are not interested in making money from people suffering from gambling addiction. They believe it is important to help people take control of their finances and lives. What rules do responsible industry businesses adhere to?

Professional help

Gambling addiction is difficult, but it can be overcome. If you follow our tips and still cannot cope with your gambling addiction, then you should turn to a specialist. This could be your therapist or psychologist. Additionally, in New Zealand, you can find many support groups and organizations that offer help to addicted players. Here are some of the organizations you can contact:


It is a 24-hour freephone helpline that offers support for New Zealand players. You can also contact them by free text message. There you can get essential information about gambling addiction and personalized advice.


This organisation offers free and confidential support for anyone affected by gambling. It is available from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.


Here you can get support for your own gambling issues, and also if you have someone you want to help. Service is free of charge regardless of how many sessions with experts you might need to have.

Professional financial help for people in debt

If your debt has reached a level that you can no longer handle on your own, then contact the following organizations. Their experts will offer you debt management services and solutions tailored to suit your personal needs.


What is self-exclusion and how it works with online casinos?

You can ask online casinos to exclude you from gambling activity with them. Reputable gambling businesses assist their customers in requesting a self-exclusion. The duration of it could be between six months and several years. Self-exclusion might become a remedy that would help you to control your gambling.

Can I ask my bank to help me with my problem?

You should try this option. Some banks indeed help their clients overcome gambling addiction. For example, your bank may block all your transactions to gambling websites. Additionally, banks can give you guidance on how to deal with the debt you have accumulated due to gambling. Contact your bank to find out more.

How can I help my family member with gambling addiction?

Talk to your family member in a calm and relaxed environment. Help your loved one create an action plan to combat addiction. Tell him about NZ First Casinos tips.

Unfortunately, good intentions and the help of relatives do not always bring results. The reason is that strong addiction should be considered as a disease that can be cured by an experienced doctor or psychotherapist.

I’m not sure if I have a gambling addiction. Are there any tests?

Yes, you can find a lot of free useful online tests. Tests will tell you if you are playing responsibly. Otherwise, you can contact above-mentioned support groups and organizations. They will provide you with this kind of test and offer help in case you need it.

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